Cathy Temple

R & C Cleaning

Professional Home & Office Cleaning at Your Service
Family Owned and Operated
NYS Certified Minority / Woman-Owned Business


Cathy Temple
11 Kingston Ave., Poughkeepsie, NY 12603
Fax: 845-473-4645

Estate Sales

R & C Cleaning will prepare for and conduct estate sales, and arrange for removal of unwanted items. Our services include the following:

Our cleaning services include:

  • removal of debris to your dumpster (within reason)
  • vacuuming of carpets and floors throughout
  • removal of fingerprints
  • wiping down doorways, window sills, and doors
  • dusting of cobwebs
  • wiping of switchplates

Bathroom Cleaning

  • mirrors, sinks, disinfecting toilets, tubs, showers, shower walls
  • scrubbing of floors

Kitchen Cleaning

  • cupboards: vacuum out and wipe
  • refrigerator, stovel, and microwave (where applicable): clean inside and out
  • wipe down counter tops and window sills
  • sinks: clean or srub, as needed
  • washing or scrubbing of floors


Cleaning of apartment, townhouse, or condo $75.00 per bedroom
Cleaning of house $100.00 per bedroom
Walk-through, setup, and preparation for sale. $25.00 per person per hour
Removal and disposal of unsold and/or unwanted items. $25.00 per person per hour
Estate sales are also subject to a fee of 30% of gross sales.

* Additional charges may be incurred for dumpster rental and transportation of unsold / unwanted items.